Senior Software Engineer (working remotely)

I’m a Senior Software Engineer specialized in Golang, distributed systems and highly scalable Microservices in the Cloud. I’ve also had an extensive experience with Kubernetes, SQL and NoSQL databases and several messaging systems (i.e. Apache Kafka, ApachePulsar, VerneMQ and RabbitMQ).

I worked with both Event based systems (e.g. Event Sourcing) and traditional systems. Microservices patterns like CQRS, Event Sourcing, Orchestration/Choreography and Sagas are my bread and butter.

I’m a strong believer of Infrastructure as Code, and I’m a DevOps at heart. I also believe that CI/CD pipelines are really important for developers productivity and a crucial part of any serious software company pipeline.

I always strive to follow best coding practices. Good quality, speed, latency, scalability and test coverage are all things that I strive for (and remember to test against unexpected inputs too!).

If you want to start a conversation feel free to drop me a message on LinkedIn (or an e-mail).

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